Berkeley College Need Based Grants for International Students in the USA for 2022/2023 – Scholarships To Study Abroad

Berkeley College Need Based Grants Awards are made after the federal and state funds, grants, state scholarships Berkeley College grants and scholarships (not dependent on need) external resources (such like private scholarship, VA benefits other than the Post-9/11 GI bill, tuition reimbursement, etc. ) as well as direct loan subsidized by the government have been utilized.

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Students who are looking to apply for state and federal government grants and state scholarships should complete their application, which must start by submitting an application called the Free Application for Federal Aid (FAFSA) before the prescribed deadlines.

Additionally, those who choose not to apply for direct subsidized loans could be eligible for aid based on need. If students choose to take out direct subsidized loans, these amounts will be used prior to they receive the Berkeley College Need-Based grant award is awarded. Berkeley College grants and scholarships are listed below.

All financial aid offers are calculated. Additionally, we will use your information on the FAFSA before conducting any reviews. You might also be required to provide things that U.S. Department of Education (ED) requires us to agree with and/or you may be considered for a selection process known as verification.

Additionally we must verify your information or at the very least, look for any contradicting information before we consider your award as final. If the information you filled in for the FAFSA was not correct and/or we are unable to complete the tasks required by ED the aid you receive could be drastically altered. In some instances you may lose your aid completely.

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About Berkeley Prize

The International Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence (BERKELEY PRIZE) was founded and is currently managed by Raymond Lifchez, Professor of Architecture and City & Regional Planning at the University of California, Berkeley College of Environmental Design (CED) by virtue of a significant gift to CED’s Department of Architecture by the late Judith Lee Stronach.

In its twenty-first year of existence The BERKELEY Prize has seen more than 2100 students studying architecture in undergraduate classes from 69 different countries. It has also given 131 awards to 126 students who were winners.

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Additionally, the initial year of the Prize (1998-99) was an architectural competition that was restricted to students of two prestigious San Francisco Bay Area colleges: CED in Berkeley (opened 1959, and has antecedents that date back to 1905) and The Architecture Division of the, then California College of Art and Crafts in San Francisco (opened in 1984 and had antecedents dating back up to 1907).

Ray was of the opinion that it might be beneficial to create the development of a sisterhood with a different school of architecture which, due to its proximity will allow for the interaction of faculty and students.

Thus, to begin this new connection and to establish this potential relationship, to begin this relationship, the BERKELEY Prize was launched. The theme of the contest was Architect Meets the Nursing Home.



About Berkeley College

Berkeley College offers certificate, associate’s, bachelor’s and advanced degree programmes. The college provides a variety of student groups through The Larry Luing School of Business, The Larry. Luing School of Business(r), School of Professional Studies as well as the School of Health Studies, both on campus and online.

In the year 2015, the college began the first degree for graduate students, which is a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.). Through the Berkeley College’s Corporate Learning Partnership, the M.B.A. program partners with organizations such as Affinity Federal Credit union to provide a master’s level degree and resume educational programs for employees.



Berkeley College Need Based Grants award will pay a portion as high as 25% tuition to students based on their academic performance and financial need. 

Conditions are required for Berkeley College Need-Based Grants award

To be eligible to be eligible for Berkeley College Need-Based Grants grants, applicants must meet the requirements listed below:

  • Full-time enrollment in a degree program.
  • Not an American citizen. United States.
  • Apply during the admissions process and prior to the start of the first semester.

Apply Now Here

How do I apply to be considered for Berkeley College Need-Based Grants grants

Interested and eligible for Berkeley College Need-Based Grants awards, go to Berkeley Prize on to apply.

The deadline to apply for the award is August 31, 2022. Apply Now Here


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