Flinders University Defence Science Partnership Research Scholarship in Australia for 2022/2023 – Scholarships To Study Abroad

We are looking for a highly skilled candidate to be considered for the Defence Science Partnership Research Scholarship to conduct research in the field of machine-learning and their application to communications systems. It is a Defence Science Partnership Research Scholarship project is aimed at creating an AI-enabled, fully-trainable radio that is able to detect the operating environment, and then autonomously create secure, high-throughput and durable tactical waveforms that can support critical communications. The research project will study various methods of machine-learning and AI methods to build dynamic algorithms for the wireless communications channels as well as radio frequency devices.

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Flinders University is a public research university located in Adelaide, South Australia. It was founded in 1966 and was named after the name the British naval officer Matthew Flinders, who researched and conducted surveys of South Australia’s coastline. South Australian coastline in the beginning of the 19th century.

Flinders is a lush university that is a part of the Innovative Research Universities (IRU) Group. In terms of academics, the university has pioneered the use of cross-disciplinary methods in education. Its faculties of medicine and humanities have been recognized as among the top 10 universities in the country.

In the 2021 Times Higher Education ranking of the world’s top universities places Flinders University at the 251-300th category. Flinders University’s main campus lies located in the Adelaide suburbs of the inner south, including Bedford Park, about 12 km to the south of Adelaide city centre.

The campus of the university is at Victoria Square in the center of the city, as well as Tonsley. Flinders University also maintains several outside teaching facilities in the region of South Australia, southwest Victoria as well as in the Northern Territory. In the year 2020, international students represented 19.5 percent of the campus students. Several overseas programs are also offered predominantly located in Asia-Pacific.

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Flinders University offers more than 160 undergraduate and postgraduate programs and higher-level research leadership in all fields. In addition, many of the courses utilize the latest information and communication technology to enhance face-to face teaching and offer a variety of choices.

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The Defence Science Partnership Research Scholarship includes:

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  • A stipend of $30,000 per year tax-free
  • The Defence Science Partnership Research Scholarship will be granted for a period of two years.
  • The Research Training Program Fee Offset Scholarship includes tuition that are applicable for Australian citizens, NZ Citizens, and Permanent Residents.
  • There is the possibility to convert ME into an Ph.D. research program and increase the scholarship to three years.

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Eligibility for Defence Science Partnership Research Scholarship

To be eligible for the Defence Science Partnership Research Scholarship the student must meet the following criteria:

  • have been an Australian citizen or New Zealand citizen, or have been granted permanent residence status or permanent resident status.
  • Meet the ME meet ME admission requirements
  • Be available to begin as part-time ME students in Flinders University in semester 1 2022.


How to Apply for Defence Science Partnership Research Scholarship

Before submitting an application, prospective applicants should contact the Lead Investigator of the project DR Saeed Rehman to discuss their eligibility and interest in the scholarship. The Project Lead could invite you to submit an application and may request a copy your CV along with a cover letter that outlines the relevant qualifications, work experience as a researcher, your research experience, and reasons to apply to The Defence Science Partnership Research Scholarship.

The successful applicant should begin by the end of March 2022, subject to negotiations (and not earlier than the end of July in 2022).

Dr. Saeed Rehman

HDR Scholarship Application Form

Candidates who are interested in this Defence Science Partnership Research Scholarship opportunity, but haven’t yet submitted an application to be admitted to an relevant HDR must apply. The instructions on how to apply for admission can be found here: https://www.flinders.edu.au/study/apply/apply-research-degree/how-to-apply Apply Now Here

Please note that by submitting this application separately the scholars agree to:

  • The “Supervisor confirmation” should be a reference to the application for this scholarship.
  • Application of ME admission will be evaluated in the following locations:
    • The recipient is awarded the award.
  • Other requests for ME admission that are submitted in accordance with this scholarship will not be considered and will be rejected.

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Application Deadline: July 30, 2022. Apply Now Here

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