How To File for SR-22 Auto Insurance in Georgia

If you’ve been convicted of a traffic violation, such as DUI or driving without a license, you’ll likely be required to file for SR-22 in order to get your driver’s license reinstated.

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An SR-22 is a certificate that demonstrates proof of insurance coverage and financial responsibility. It’s often referred to as “SR-22 insurance” even though it’s not technically insurance coverage—but you do file the certificate through your auto insurance.

Here’s what you need to know about filing for SR-22 insurance if you’re a driver in the State of Georgia.



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How to File for SR-22 Auto Insurance in Georgia

To get your driver’s license back, you’ll need to obtain an SR-22 form. This form provides the Georgia DMV with proof that you’re maintaining insurance coverage. There are a few steps to take when getting this form through your insurance.



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Call Your Auto Insurance Company

Once you find out you need SR-22 auto insurance, you’ll need to call your auto insurance company to find out whether or not they file SR-22 forms.

Certain companies will add this coverage to a policy while others will cancel a policy if it requires SR-22. Some insurers don’t want to provide coverage to drivers who require SR-22 insurance because they are considered high-risk and provide more liability.

If your current auto insurance provider will not allow you to file for SR-22 insurance, you’ll need to look for a company that will. Shop around by looking at getting free quotes from different carriers before choosing the best one. Many insurance companies will let you purchase the SR-22 online along with one of their policies.

If you want to keep your current insurance provider at the same time, you may be able to purchase a non-owner policy. This means the policy doesn’t actually cover any vehicles but meets the liability coverage requirements while providing SR-22 coverage. However, this can get very expensive.

Many times, the reason you now require the SR-22—anything from a traffic offense to a drunk driving conviction—will increase your insurance rates. When an insurance company sees the conviction on your record, they will assume it’s extra risky to insure you. That’s why it’s a good idea to research and look for the best deal.

Searching for Lower Cost SR-22 Insurance

If you’re worried about a sky-rocketing premium, you may be able to lower your SR-22 insurance costs by:

  • Looking for discounts, such as low mileage discounts or student discounts
  • Raising your deductible (as a higher deductible can mean a cheaper insurance rate from the SR-22)
  • Comparing several different auto insurance companies online


Have the SR-22 Form Filed

Once you confirm your current auto insurance will file the SR-22 or you find a company that will buy a policy, you’re ready to file for the SR-22 insurance. You’ll need to pay a fee of $15-$25 for the SR-22. Your insurance company will then file the SR-22 form for you, and you should receive a copy.



Maintain the Georgia SR-22 Filing Period

In most cases, you need to keep SR-22 insurance for three years if you have a DUI conviction. Depending on the details, that period could be anywhere from one to five years.

You’ll usually receive information from the state or courts about exactly how long you need SR-22 auto insurance in Georgia when you’re convicted of your offense. This information will include any specific insurance requirements, as well. Contact the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) for more information if you’re not sure.

During the filing period, make sure your auto insurance doesn’t lapse or get canceled. If it does, the time period will start all over again—and you could face other penalties like your license getting re-suspended.

If you’re maintaining the SR-22 to reinstate your license, you’ll have to provide proof of the SR-22 insurance along with proof of regular insurance coverage. This is why it’s so crucial to maintain insurance coverage and act responsibly during the SR-22 auto insurance filing period in Georgia.



Talk to a Georgia Car Accident Lawyer for Free

If you were hurt in a car accident with a drunk or reckless driver, they will likely need to file for SR-22 insurance—but they are legally liable for your costs, too. If you need help filing an insurance claim for damages, we at John Foy & Associates can help. To get a FREE consultation and discuss the details, call us today at 404-800-9657 or complete the online form to get started.

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