How To Immigrate to Canada as a Food and Beverage Server

Immigrate to Canada as a Food and Beverage Server – Do you know that experienced waiters are in demand in Canada presently and this is your opportunity to immigrate to Canada?

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The Canadian tourism and hospitality industries are growing rapidly with over a million jobs being created in the sector every year including the food and beverage servers.

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Canada is one of the best countries to immigrate to and a lot of people from around the world have taken Canada as a top destination to go to and do you know why?

This is because there are a lot of job opportunities in Canada regardless of what you do and the Canadian government has a target of inviting over a million immigrants to the country from now till 2023.

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Food and beverage servers are in demand in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia and you also get to earn higher salaries in these provinces. You get to earn as high as $29,785 to $34,085 on average per year.

The government of Canada has also set out over 100 immigration programs to help these immigrants come to Canada so you see why Canada has been seen to be the top destination for a lot of immigrants in recent years and why you should also immigrate to Canada.

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But how do you immigrate to Canada as a food and beverage server?

What are the most suitable immigration programs for food and beverage servers to immigrate to Canada?

We will be answering these questions and giving you full details about how you can immigrate to Canada.

Where To Find Work As A Food And Beverage Server In Canada?

There are about four provinces in Canada where food and beverage servers are in demand. We will be looking at these provinces and the expected salary you will earn working as a food and beverage server in the provinces.

Top Provinces for Food and Beverage Servers
Province Average Salary/Year
Alberta $23,790 – $29,465
Nova Scotia $21,158 – $26,865
Prince Edward Island $21,938-$28,895
Saskatchewan $21,450-$27,896

How To Immigrate To Canada As A Food And Beverage Server

Like we mentioned earlier, there are about 100 immigration programs through which you can immigrate to Canada and we will be looking at the most suitable immigration programs through which you can immigrate to Canada as a food and beverage server.

  • The Express Entry System

This is the most popular immigration program and also the fastest. It is an online program that has three federal immigration streams under it and they are:

  • The Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP)
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • The Canadian Experience Class(CEC)

Since it is an online program, your application will be entered automatically into the Express Entry draws which is done twice in a month and you will be given a score based on factors such as age, work experience, language proficiency and ability to settle in Canada and this score will be ranked against a cut-off score in a ranking system called the Comprehensive Ranking System and if you meet or exceed the cut-off score, you will be selected to receive an Invitation to Apply for permanent residency in Canada.

  • The Atlantic Immigration Pilot

This is for immigrants that want to come to the Atlantic Provinces like Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

It is an employer-driven program that is designed to help these Atlantic Provinces fill up labour shortages by allowing foreign skilled workers or international graduates come to the province.

You can apply under either of the following streams:

  • Atlantic International Graduate Program
  • Atlantic High-Skilled Program
  • Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program

You must meet the requirements for the program for your application to be success and you can also get permanent residency through the program.

  • The International Experience Canada Program: Working Holiday Visa

This program allows immigrants between the ages if 18 and 30 to travel and work in Canada and also gain valuable work experience. The requirements for this program is that your country must have an agreement with Canada that will allow you to apply for an IEC (International Experience Canada) work permit or that you use a Recognized Organization (RO).

Also, you will have to meet the requirements of the province you are applying for.

There are three categories to choose from and they are:

  • Working Holiday
  • Young Professionals
  • International Co-op (Internship)

As a food and beverage server, you will apply for the Working Holiday Category as this program does not need a job offer to apply.

  • Provincial Nominee Program

This program allows you to immigrate to Canada whether as a skilled or semi-skilled foreign worker but you must have a valid job offer from an employer in the province you want to immigrate to.

Through this program, provinces in Canada can nominate immigrants to get permanent residency in Canada provided the immigrants has the skill or work experience that is in demand in the province.

There are about 11 participating provinces and these provinces have their own PNP with streams through which you can apply.

Like we mentioned earlier that food and beverage servers are in demand in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

Final Note

From all we have said so far, you will see that food and beverage servers are highly needed in Canada and as a job that is in demand in Canada; you stand a chance of immigrating to Canada.

We have highlighted some of the best immigration programs for you through which you can move to Canada and so you will have to check the one for which you have the best chances of being successful in your application and apply through it.

You can also decide to use the services of a Regulated Canada Immigration Consultant as they know every detail about the Canadian immigration and can help you figure out the best immigration process for you.

The best time to start your application is now as you know that the Canadian government is looking for skilled workers like you.

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