How to Immigrate To Canada As A Teacher

How to immigrate to Canada as a Teacher It is the belief that teachers are the “mother of all professions” and it is true since teachers are the ones who guide children and youngsters to be successful in their future.

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Each profession is born of teaching, and that is the reason it’s an occupation that is sought-after across the world, including in Canada.

Canada is home to one of the top educational systems around the globe and the reason why are teachers. That’s the reason why teachers are highly respected across the country.

There are numerous advantages to relocating to Canada to teach and because it’s one of the fields that is highly sought-after in Canada so finding work shouldn’t be difficult , either before or after your arrival in Canada.

At present, the Canadian government is trying to achieve its goal of welcoming over 1.2 million new immigrants into Canada between 2021 and 2023 due to the fact that they’ve realized the importance of immigrants to the growth of the economy as well as the development of this nation therefore, you are able to easily move to Canada and eventually become permanent residents.

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Teachers rank one of the 10 in-demand job opportunities across Canada and 8 of 11 provincial Nominee Programs place teachers on their top list of jobs that are in demand therefore this is your chance to come to Canada as a teacher , and start your journey to work.

Let’s show you the steps to move to Canada as teacher.

How to Apply For Canadian Immigration As A Foreign Teacher?

Making an application for an Canadian visa or Teaching job Canada is not straightforward, which is the reason why we’re here to provide all the information on how to submit an application for Canadian immigration and receive a the visa you need to move to Canada.

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The right information available can help make your move into Canada successful.

Let’s go through the process of applying for Canadian immigration as a teacher.

  • These are the documents you’ll require to use

It is essential to ensure your application is complete with all required documents required to be able to apply, and also that they verify your credentials and previous experience. It is also necessary to verify if the document meets the Canadian standard since you will require an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) to verify you have valid credentials and are correspond in comparison to Canadian standard.

Some of the organizations that are authorized to conduct the credential test include:

  • International Credential Assessment Service of Canada
  • International Credential Evaluation Service.
  • World Education Services
  • International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS)
  • Comparative Education Service – University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies

Your job is contingent on your qualifications and each step starting from the early years of education all the way to university professors have their own requirements for education you must fulfill in order to be considered for the job.

The majority of job opportunities for teachers require a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree within Education and Child Development except for professors at universities that require the Doctorate Graduation or Master’s Degree in the subject of study.

Here is a list of education prerequisites:

Occupations Education requirements
Early Childhood Teachers A Bachelor’s degree in Child Development
Elementary and Kindergarten teachers Bachelor’s Degree in Education , and also the development of children
Teachers from secondary schools Bachelor’s degree in Education with a focus on Sciences or Sciences
A vocational or college instructor Bachelor’s, Master’s, or College Diploma in your field
Professor at a university Doctorate and Master’s Degree

Additionally, to complete your education needs, you’ll require a provincial teacher’s certificate for teaching in a province within Canada and you’ll require a permit after becoming an active participant in the Teacher’s Association in a particular province.

You can search for organizations responsible for giving this permit in the state you wish to work in and live in.

  • Choose the location you would like to live in Canada and Work within Canada

There are 13 territories and provinces in Canada and you’ll have to decide the place you would like to reside as well as work within Canada It can be a challenge.

You’ll need to think about many factors so that you can choose the ideal area to live. Some of the factors to consider when making your choice is the cost of living as well as minimum wage, job opportunities and offers, security and health.

It is also necessary to take a look at the provinces where teachers are in high demand. we’ve already stated that there are eight provinces within Canada that have teachers in high demand. they include:

  • Alberta
  • Nova Scotia
  • Prince Edward Island
  • British Columbia
  • Northwest Territories
  • Yukon
  • Saskatchewan
  • Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Select the Most Effective Canadian Immigration Program for you as an educator

There are more than 100 immigration programs that you can come to Canada however we will look at the most effective immigration programs that allow those who want to move to Canada as an educator. These are:

  • Express Entry system
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot
  • The Express Entry System

This program was introduced in the year 2015 and, since then it has been the basis of a lot of immigrants to Canada which is due to the fact that it’s fast and simple to apply for and people enjoy applying to the system.

The application process is of approximately six months. it is possible to obtain permanent residency under the program. all you need to create an online profile since it is an online application and provide some details in accordance with the specifications that the programme has.

These are the age, education, work experience, proficiency in the language as well as proof of income while getting an offer from a prospective employer isn’t an essential requirement to be considered for the program, however it can boost your chance of being chosen.

You’ll be required to complete your profile on the internet within 60 days of the date after that, you’ll get put in a pool along with others and a draw will be held.

The draw takes place every month twice and it is a Comprehensive Ranking System will be utilized to identify the candidates who will be invited to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

In this system of ranking the score will be assigned to applicants based on the information they have provided on their profile. The score will be evaluated against the CRS cut-off score. applicants who over that cut-off mark will be chosen to be invited to Apply (ITA) to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

The federal government has three streams of immigration under the Express Entry System and they are:

From the federal immigration pathways we mentioned in the previous paragraphs The Federal Skilled Worker Program and the Canadian Experience Class are the paths you can take to come to Canada as teacher.

In the FSWP, teachers are classified under the NOC skill levels A for professionals which means that you’re eligible to be skilled worker in the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

  • The Provincial Nomination Program

Another program is that allows you to immigrate in Canada to teach. it was designed by provincial governments working in conjunction together with Canadian government through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to assist foreigners find jobs and settle in a specific province.

This program permits you to live and work in any province within Canada when you have an offer of employment and meet the requirements for that specific province.

Every province within Canada which has a PNP creates it to meet its financial needs and labor shortages. Thus, the PNPs allow employers in a particular province to hire skilled foreign workers to take on job jobs in the province. Also, foreign workers who have the required qualifications will be able to be granted permanent residence in Canada.

The provinces also do not grant you permanent residency. However, the nomination of an area located in Canada increases your odds of obtaining the permanent residence you desire in Canada.

  • The Atlantic Immigration Pilot

It is an experimental project for all of the Atlantic Provinces in Canada and it permits foreign skilled workers and graduates from abroad who would like to live and work within any one of the Atlantic Provinces to come and obtain permanent residency.

The program was developed through the Canadian government, in collaboration along with Atlantic Provinces to hire skilled workers to fill in gaps in labour that they can’t solve locally.

To be qualified for this program, you must be able to show an offer of employment from an employer located in any of four Atlantic Provinces which are Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland & Labrador.

You must meet the eligibility criteria of age, experience in the workplace, education , and proficiency in English in the following programs of this Pilot program.

  • Atlantic High-Skilled Program
  • Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program
  • Atlantic International Graduate Program

If you’re looking to move to Canada to teach, you could apply for the Atlantic high-skilled programs since this program is intended specifically designed for professionals who would like to live and work anywhere in the 4 Atlantic Provinces. You need to have an offer of employment from a company in the province you are interested in and then apply for the program.

Final Note

Canada is among the most desirable countries to move to and it is the ideal time to make the move because the Canadian frontiers are open to accept any foreigner who wants to help in the development and growth of the country.

As a teacher, you’ll have to look to find provinces across Canada that have teachers in high demand. We have made it simple for you since we have listed eight provinces which have teachers who are in demand . You can also search for a job in any province and look through Provincial Nomination Programs or you may opt to apply for one of the Federal Skilled Worker Program under the Express Entry System depending on the type of program you’re eligible to apply for.

If you are in charge of your immigration procedure you are able to complete it yourself or hire the services of Certified Canadian Immigration Consultants. They can ensure that the process of obtaining your visa is seamless from beginning to end.

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