Top 15 Highest Paying Trade Jobs in Canada In 2022

The highest paying trade jobs in Canada Immigration to work in Canada is a real possibility and there are a lot of people benefit from the chance which the Canadian government has created in welcoming more than a million people into the country within the next three years. – Highest Paying Trade Jobs in Canada

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What ever skill you have and as long as it’s one of the demanded and in-demand jobs in Canada and you’re only a few steps away from emigrating to Canada and beginning a fresh and wonderful life.

There are plenty of jobs available in Canada that range from work in the office to trade jobs such as driving, plumbing, welding, etc. The majority of skilled jobs are actually highly sought-after in Canada and the best part of this is that you are able to be employed by different clients or employers. In contrast to lawyers, engineers or accountant, who are more likely to work for one particular employer of labor.

It is ironic that in Canada there is a huge demand for individuals with hand skills in just the same way as there is a high demand for skilled workers, too. Canada provides you with a broad array of advantages when you work in Canada. As tradesman, you can expect to enjoy a higher minimum wages, a better working condition, lower cost of living, and numerous other benefits.

If you’re a skilled worker with a talent, you will have the benefit of work convenience, flexibility, work adaptability , and other such. It’s not possible to locate skilled tradespeople and therefore employers and customers are willing to pay top dollar to hire those who are skilled.

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Before we can get into what we will find within the text, we’ll be required to define what we refer to as trade jobs.



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Trade jobs require specific skills learned by completing advanced training or apprenticeship rather than pursuing a study course at a university or college. Trade jobs permit individuals to learn the required skills through vocational education, on-the-job apprenticeship or training for a short period of time. Trade jobs that are skilled are required by certain manufacturing and construction sectors.

The skilled tradesmen provide physical services or create tangible goods . In this nature of the job it is flexible. In the past the trades profession has seen a lagging demand for trades jobs because the education system in many countries like Canada consider career opportunities as the best option, however recently the demand for tradesmen has increased and thus institutions have been established to educate people about trades to enable them to take more comfortable in the jobs of sectors and immigration programs are being developed to allow foreigners with qualifications in trade-related jobs to solve the labour gaps in Canada.



The top 15 most pay jobs in trade from Canada

Trade jobs are becoming hot jobs across the world, and Canada isn’t an exception. Although everyone wants an office job that requires you work in a workplace, trade jobs offer many advantages as you work from your own pace and at your own convenience and, not just that you’ll definitely get paid more.

The significance of skilled trade for the country’s economy is growing each day. We’ll look at some of the most lucrative work in the trade sector in Canada right now. Let’s go after the end of the road…

  • Electrician

A electrician can be described as a skilled tradesman who is involved in the installation maintenance and repairs of electrical systems as well as lighting, control communications systems, and lighting. They are among the highest-paid professionals in Canada and earn between $40-$50 per hour, based on their location or province.

Electricians work indoors or out in the open and aren’t restricted to one particular company. They may work in houses factories, schools, as well as construction sites. They are in the construction trades.


For becoming an electrician you must possess a high school diploma or a similar qualification and you must complete an electrician’s training program, whether it’s apprenticeship or on-the job training. The training you receive will allow you to learn and develop the skills to take and pass the exam for electrician license so that you can be a licensed electrician.

In your career as an electrician you’ll be more likely to find work in Canada particularly in provinces like Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Ontario.

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  • Ironworker

An ironworker is different from the blacksmith. The latter is a tradesman who is employed in the industry of ironworking and the ironworker is responsible for the framework for bridges, structures and multi-story structures towers, arenas, and other structures. They are part of an umbrella of industry trades.

They have the task of fixing and renovating older structures or buildings and construct, erect or remove the structure of pre-engineered metal structures. They also upload and set machines as well as operate forklifts and aerial lifts. They are able to be employed in steel mills or even in utility manufacturing plants.

Being an ironworker requires an extensive amount of training in class and, due to its complex nature, an ironworker who is qualified can earn between $60 000 and $64 000 in the range of $60 000 to $64 000 on average. They are the most sought-after within areas like the British Columbia province in Canada.

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  • Carpenter

A carpenter is a professional who works in creating, shaping,, and the installation of building materials in the construction of vessels, buildings and so on. Carpenters are people who works primarily using natural wood. They are involved in cutting of, shaping, and setting up of the wood in order to build an object, whether it is a building or another thing. They are part of the construction trade.

The trade is typically learned through apprenticeships or on-the-job learning, and you don’t have to complete a formal schooling in carpentry.

For a skilled carpenter pay rate, an hourly wage ranges from $38 to $40, and the median salary is between $50 000 and $52 000 annually. There are more opportunities for this type of job within Yukon. Yukon territories.

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  • Welder

Welders are professionals who work on repairs to metal items and do this by filling holes, welding and cutting metal components. They fall under the umbrella of industry trade of welding.

Welders make between $82 000-$85 000 annually as an average wage and that’s assuming you’re a skilled welding professional. The work is often tedious and technically demanding, and they are in high demand throughout British Columbia.

If you’d like to be welder, then you require an education degree from a high school as well as a vocational certificate.

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  • Plumber

Plumbers are tradesmen who installs and repairs pipes as well as plumbing fixtures, such as bathtubs, sinks and toilets and even pipes that are used for taking water away from houses. Plumbers are in high demand across the world, and require specific knowledge and skills.

Welders fall under the construction trades and may work with other construction workers.

A licensed plumber can earn 35-40 dollars and the median salary is $2 000-$65 000 an entire year. Sometimes, they earn more according to the region in which they work. They are highly sought-after in the province of Prince Edward Island.

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They are involved in the repair and maintenance of heavy-duty vehicles and machines used for construction and transport. The job can be very tiring since you’ll be lifting heavy machinery and working in unusual positions. Heavy duty mechanics fall in those of the Mechanical trades. They operate on machines such as trucks, cranes and tractors and bulldozers.

To be a qualified mechanic with a heavy-duty background it is not necessary to have any formal training, although it can add to your standing, but you must also be physically strong. Also, you must have manual dexterity. This is among the most difficult professions to get a certification in.

A skilled and experienced mechanic who is heavy duty earns $72 000-$70 000 annually on average. Their assistance is needed across British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and Ontario.

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  • Painter

When we refer to painting, what we are referring to are the house painters or decorators, who are who are involved in the decorating and painting of buildings , whether they are interior or outside. Painting improves the appearance of buildings and protects it from water damage or corrosion. Painters are part of the construction trades. They are sometimes referred to as”plastererer.

Painters make approximately $35-$40 per hour. An experienced painter can earn 40 000 to $44 000 in a typical year as a pay. There is no requirement to pursue formal education or training since you can learn as an apprentice or in-the-job training. They are in high demand in Alberta.

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  • Pipefitter

A pipefitter shouldn’t be confused with plumbers because they are two different tradespeople. Pipefitters are tradespeople who installs fixes and repairs to pipes that carry gas or liquids within buildings. They are involved in the manufacturing, assembling, and maintaining pipes for mechanical systems for structures. They are also known as steamfitters, and fall in the umbrella of industries trades.

A skilled pipefitter is able to work in industries and deal with marine, industrial, or commercial pipe systems. They can earn anywhere from $45 to $50 an hour and their median salary is approximately $45 000 to $50 000 in the course of a year.

This ability is highly sought-after in Ontario. If you possess this talent, think about moving to Ontario.

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  • Bus drivers

Bus drivers work in transporting passengers to their destinations. This is a crucial profession since they are bound to need to be moved from one spot to another, particularly those without an automobile.

Bus drivers are highly sought-after in several cities of Canada and earn between $40 000-$42 000 in an average annual pay. It’s not a stressful job if you have having a balanced work-life.

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  • Elevator mechanic

Elevator mechanics are experienced technicians who work on the installation maintenance and repair for elevators and escalators and other mechanical walkways. They are able to work in the form of an independent contractor, or as employees for the company. As an apprentice in this skilled trade you must be in school for a minimum of 4 years, before you can get the license to work in the elevator industry as an engineer. They fall in one of the mechanic trades.

Elevator mechanics make between 45 to $50 per hour, and earn an average annual wage that ranges from $80 000 to $85 000. They’re one of the highest-paying job opportunities in Canada. They are required in the majority of the provinces of Canada.

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  • Long haul truck driver

The drivers of long haul trucks are professional tradesmen who operate trailers, trucks or long-distance vehicles to move goods and other items. They also supervise loading of freight to ensure cargo isn’t damaged during transportation. In reality, this is one of the most sought-after jobs in Canada. They make an average annual salary of $52 000.

It is possible to obtain an permanent residence in the provinces you are employed in.

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  • HVAC installer or technician

The heating, ventilation , and AC technicians are expert tradesmen who install cleaning, repairs, and keeps HVAC units in good condition. They keep the temperature at a comfortable level and control air levels within the buildings. They perform tests and inspect HVAC systems. HVAC systems. They are in supervision of the mechanic trades.

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They’re as well among the occupations which are highly sought-after in Canada since it’s not easy to become a technician in HVAC. You’ll have to attend to a vocational school as well as HVAC instruction to make a certified HVAC technician.

They earn between $45 and $50 an hour , and an average annual income between $55 000 and $60 000.

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