Top 3 Provinces to Find Mining Jobs in Canada

Top 3 Provinces to Find Mining Jobs in Canada – Getting a mining job in Canada is quite easy since Canada is seen as a leading mining nation; it is also a leader in coal mining. It is the second-largest country in the world and they are in the top five producers of non-metals like gemstones and gold and also metals like aluminum and platinum in the world.

Canada is one of the best countries to immigrate to and a lot of people from around the world have taken Canada as a top destination to go to and do you know why?

This is because there are a lot of job opportunities in Canada regardless of what you do and the Canadian government has a target of inviting over a million immigrants to the country from now till 2023.

The government of Canada has also set out over 90 immigration programs to help these immigrants come to Canada so you see why Canada has been seen to be the top destination for a lot of immigrants in recent years and why you should also immigrate to Canada.


We are here to give you full details of the most suitable programs through which you can immigrate to Canada and find mining jobs so read as we show you the best pathways to Canada.

What Are The Mining Provinces In Canada?

The major provinces in Canada that are known for mining activities are Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia and so when you are looking for mining jobs, these are the provinces you should look at and also you can look at job sites like Indeed for mining job openings so as to be able to narrow your search to these provinces and cities.

  • Ontario

This province is Canada’s leading producer of mineral and its capital city Toronto is home for the headquarters of the second-largest mining companies.

Mining is one of the safest industries in Ontario and you could earn about $74,856 to $100,756 on average in a year. Mining companies in Ontario are one of the fast growing companies in Canada as they spend about $103 million a year on mine land rehabilitation, environmental engineering and environmental technologies.

Some mining cities in Ontario are Toronto, Sudbury, Northern Ontario and Timmins.

  • Quebec

This is the biggest producer of iron concentrate and zinc, the second-largest producer of gold and one of the rare producers of niobium, cobalt, platinum and titanium dioxide in the world.

The minerals extracted in the province in 2016 came from 27 active mines and about 530 surface mining sites.

One-fifth of the mining output in Canada come from Quebec and this is because it has the most diversified mining industry in the country.

Some mining cities in Québec are Northern Quebec, Montreal, Saguenay Region and Abitibi and James Bay Region.

  • British Columbia

This province is the largest exporter of coal and the largest concentration of mining companies have their headquarters in Vancouver.

The mining industries in British Columbia employed over 10,000 people and this makes it one of the top provinces in Canada to find mining jobs. The province is the second-largest producer of silver and the only producer of molybdenum in Canada.

As a mineworker in British Columbia, you could earn an average of about $1,616 in a week and this is because they are in demand in the province.

Some mining cities in British Columbia are Elk Valley, Southern BC, Northern BC, Vancouver and Kitimat.

How to Work in Canada’s Mining Industry

There are over 90 immigration programs in Canada through which you can immigrate to Canada but not all the programs are suitable for you if you are looking to work in the mining industry in Canada and so we are going to look at the best pathways through which you can move to Canada and work in the mining industry.

  • The Express Entry System

As a skilled worker like a geologist, mine overseer, and engineer, this is one of the best programs for you to immigrate to Canada if you are looking for work in the mining industry.

It is the fastest and easiest immigration program in Canada and one of the programs that offer permanent residency in Canada.

Even if you cannot get a job offer in any mining company in Canada, you can still go through the program but having a job offer will increase your chances of being successful in your application.

Since it is an online program, your application will be entered automatically into the Express Entry draws which is done twice in a month and you will be given a score based on factors such as age, work experience, language proficiency and ability to settle in Canada and this score will be ranked against a cut-off score in a ranking system called the Comprehensive Ranking System and if you meet or exceed the cut-off score, you will be selected to receive an Invitation to Apply for permanent residency in Canada.

  • The Provincial Nominee Program

This program allows you to immigrate to Canada whether as a skilled or semi-skilled foreign worker but you must have a valid job offer from an employer in the province you want to immigrate to.

Through this program, provinces in Canada can nominate immigrants to get permanent residency in Canada provided the immigrants has the skill or work experience that is in demand in the province.

There are about 11 participating provinces and these provinces have their own PNP with streams through which you can apply.

Since we have shown you the top provinces with mining job opportunities, you can go through their Provincial Nominee Program to immigrate and work in the mining industry in Canada.

Final Note

Canada is one of the best countries to immigrate to and this is best time to do so as the Canadian borders are open to welcome any foreigner that is ready to contribute to the growth and development of the country.

So if you are looking to work in the mining industry in Canada, you can look for job in any of the top provinces with mining job opportunities and then start your immigration process through any of the immigration programs that you are eligible for.

When running your immigration process, you can do it yourself or employ the services of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants as they will make sure your immigration process goes smoothly from start to finish.

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